Project Evaluation and Assessment

The GTAI Director with support from the project teams will be responsible for conducting formative and summative evaluations to assess how well and in what ways each teaching certificate program advances project goals and objectives. Formative program evaluation includes analysis of information obtained from: project team committee meetings and minutes, course evaluations, pre and post-tests of graduate participants’ teaching skills and knowledge, and GTAI participants’ electronic portfolio reflections, and faculty feedback. 

Summative program assessment activities include exit interviews with GTAI participants, evaluation of the portfolio documents (i.e., teaching philosophy statement, research publications and presentations, syllabi, reflections, mentor feedback), and end of semester participant surveys.  Long-term assessment of participant impact includes alumni surveys to determine preparation for and success as a future faculty member.  The CTE Director and project team members will conduct yearly evaluations to assess program development and broader institutional impact.  

Assessment of the program’s impact on undergraduate student learning will be derived primarily from graduate student participants’ research project findings.  Participants must conduct a study that examines the impact of their teaching approach on undergraduate student learning.  Participants will present research project results in their electronic portfolios, spring teaching series and GTAI symposium. 

An end-of-year project report will be provided to the Teagle Foundation. The project report will include a summary of achievements toward the project goals and objectives, links to related teaching and assessment materials, areas in need of improvement and recommendations for future project development.